Types Of Cheap Picture Frames Hardware

If you’ve ever tried to install your own picture frame hardware, then you know it can be challenging. Fortunately, most quality hanging picture frames come with frame hardware already installed, but if you happen to buy a frame without hanging hardware this article will walk you through what you need to do.

The most important step when installing picture frame hardware is to make sure you choose the right type and size of hardware for your frame. There are two types of picture frame hardware that are most commonly used – saw tooth hangers and eye hooks.You may find more details about this at cheap picture frames.

-Saw Tooth Hanger Hardware
Saw tooth hangers are best used for picture frames smaller than 11×14. Saw tooth hangers are installed on the center of your frame back and get their name from their jagged, saw blade look. The saw tooth helps with the alignment to keep the picture frame even on the wall. Before you install the saw tooth hanger, always know which direction you plan to hang it so the hanger will be in the right place. If you can’t estimate the center of the frame, use a tape measure for accuracy. Place a dot at the center point of the frame and center the saw tooth hanger over the dot. If you want to be sure the hanger is even on the frame, it’s best to use a level. Once the hanger is level and centered, hammer in the two small nails on each side of the saw tooth hanger and you’re done.

-Eye Hooks
Eye hooks screw into the wood of the frame. They work especially well for heavy or large picture frames. Eye hooks take a little more work to install than saw tooth hangers, but once you know how to install them, you will feel more confident in adding them yourself.

Eye hooks are placed on each side of the frame about one-third of the way down from the top of the picture frame. With a tape measure, measure the back of the frame between the top of the frame to where you want to install the first eye hook. Mark on the back of the frame where the screw will go. Then, use the measurement from the first eye hook to place the second eye hook. If you want to make sure your picture frame hangs level, then accurately place your eye hook screws.

Once you’ve determined the placement of your screws, drill two tiny holes where the screws will go so it will make the installation easier. When the eye hooks are screwed into the frame, cut a length of wire that’s longer than the width of the frame so you can attach it to the eye hooks. Thread one end of the wire through an eye hook until you have a short length of wire to wrap several times around the long piece of wire. Thread the other end of the wire through the other eye hook. Before securing the wire keep a hold of the unsecured piece of wire and hold the middle of the wire forming a triangular shape. While keeping the triangular shape in the wire to allow enough wire for hanging, wrap the short end of the wire around the long wire several times and secure it in place. The wire should be snug enough so it does not show above the frame. Now you can cut off the excess wire and make sure that each end is wrapped securely.

Now you are ready to hang your wall frame. Pick the wall space where you want it to hang and have someone hold the picture so you can see if it looks good on the wall. If you have multiple wall picture frames, it is a good idea to position them on the floor and determine how they should be displayed before you hammer nails in your wall. When arranging your frames on the floor, use a string to represent the wall area so you can determine the proper spacing of your picture frames.

Be sure when installing your wall picture frame that the nail goes into a wall stud. The spacing of wall studs is 16 inches in most homes. If you can’t find the wall stud, you can always use a “stud finder” (available at any hardware store) or use wall anchors. Hanging a frame on a cement, brick or concrete wall is different than on a sheet rock wall. For any type of brick, concrete or cement wall, always pre-drill the holes with a mason bit and use screws and wall anchors. Be sure the screw and wall anchor are tightly in place so the frame won’t fall off and get damaged.

It may take some extra effort to install your frame hardware and hang your picture, but once you see your picture frame displayed on the wallComputer Technology Articles, you’ll be happy with the result and glad you took the extra time to do it.

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